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A Planning Process Built 

To Understand Your Situation and Needs

We take a customized approach based on your goals and risk tolerance to determine how we can best help you. Unlike most firms, we believe in developing a personal relationship that allows us to provide recommendations in your best interest.

Here’s How Our Process Works:

comment box | Traywick FinancialStep 1:
Discovery Meeting

We’ll start by learning about your circumstances and the goals you have in mind - personally and financially.

personal planning | Traywick FinancialStep 2:
Design Your Plan

Once we’ve gotten to know each other and discussed your needs, we will develop a tailored plan that takes into account the details of your finances. We also strive to offer education and simplification as we discuss your plan of action.

Handshake | Traywick FinancialStep 3:
Foster an Ongoing Relationship

Over time, we will monitor your progress and make adjustments based on life experiences or milestones you encounter. Life happens and we want to be there for you when it does.